I think of myself as a storyteller, taking the images and worlds around me and bringing them to life through animation, illustration, and video.

I'm an artist originally from Prince George's County, MD. I moved to NYC for college to pursue my degrees in Illustration and Media Production. While there, I developed an array of skill sets ranging from digital video + audio production, leadership and project management, as well as business and industry competency. After school, I moved back to my hometown to work inside of marketing-focused design, animation, and video production roles. My most noted project of late is the creation of Richmond, VA's 2018 animated explainer videos for the roll-out of their city-wide non-emergency response system, RVA311. 

When I'm not making images with cameras and computers, my root is in illustration and character design - most often when I draw, I'm realizing forms, gestures, expressions, moods, etc. I try and figure out their story while I'm working:

Where are they from?
Why did they come here today?
What did they bring with them?
...And for what purpose?

Strange and overly-personal, sure. But steadily, I build up an entire persona inside a combination of lines and shades that help determine an attitude, an impression, or perhaps a sense of trustworthiness. This is the beautiful power I find in image-making. 

My style tends to lean towards the dreamy and cosmic. While I preserve a cartoony, children's book look to things, the enviros, situations, scenes are often deep, expansive, lush, and difficult to behold all at once. I'm deeply inspired by classic cel animation [L'illusionniste (2006), Tekkonkinkreet (2006), Kiki's Delivery Service (1989), and Soul Eater (2008)] and dark-crime graphic novels [Blacksad (2000-14), Chew (2009-16), The Wicked and the Divine (2014-)].

My dream is to make it to the West Coast and find a home inside a talented, collaborative, animation studio or production house. In the meantime, I draw everyday, play a little guitar, and am working on my first narrative publication. 


Black Youth Project 100
Fibre Space
GildaPapoose Collective
Lion Brand Yarn Company
The Mayor’s Office for the City of Richmond, VA
The Ecstatic Flash
The International Monetary Fund
The New School

PRESS + Noteworthy

The Art Newspaper - April 2019

Check out coverage of this bold, nude, and live crocheted performance at the 2019 Brooklyn Artists Ball celebrating the work of Frida Khalo and honoring visual artist, Nick Cave.
Photo: Benjamin Lozovsky/BFA.com


WTVR’s CBS 6 - June 2018

Featured: Motion Graphics tutorial in WTVR CBS6 report announcing Richmond, VA’s deployment of AvePoint’s Citizen Services platform, RVA311.

Animation: 00:10-00:36; 00:54-01:12

Production Duties: Director, Audio Design, Lead Animator, Animation Director, Editor