I think of myself as a storyteller, taking the images and worlds around me and bringing them to life through animation, illustration, and video.

I'm an artist originally from Prince George's County, MD. I moved to NYC for college to pursue my degrees in Illustration and Media Production. While there, I developed an array of skill sets ranging from digital video + audio production, leadership and project management, as well as business and industry competency. After school, I moved back to my hometown to work inside of marketing-focused design, animation, and video production roles. My most noted project of late is the creation of Richmond, VA's 2018 animated explainer videos for the roll-out of their city-wide non-emergency response system, RVA311. 

When I'm not making images with cameras and computers, my root is in illustration and character design - most often when I draw, I'm realizing forms, gestures, expressions, moods, etc. I try and figure out their story while I'm working:

Where are they from?
Why did they come here today?
What did they bring with them?
...And for what purpose?

Strange and overly-personal, sure. But steadily, I build up an entire persona inside a combination of lines and shades that help determine an attitude, an impression, or perhaps a sense of trustworthiness. This is the beautiful power I find in image-making. 

My style tends to lean towards the dreamy and cosmic. While I preserve a cartoony, children's book look to things, the enviros, situations, scenes are often deep, expansive, lush, and difficult to behold all at once. I'm deeply inspired by classic cel animation [L'illusionniste (2006), Tekkonkinkreet (2006), Kiki's Delivery Service (1989), and Soul Eater (2008)] and dark-crime graphic novels [Blacksad (2000-14), Chew (2009-16), The Wicked and the Divine (2014-)].

My dream is to make it to the West Coast and find a home inside a talented, collaborative, animation studio or production house. In the meantime, I draw everyday, play a little guitar, and am working on my first narrative publication. 


CBS Feature: “RVA311: Tutorial” - June 2018
Featured: Motion Graphics tutorial in WTVR CBS6 report announcing Richmond, VA’s deployment of AvePoint’s Citizen Services platform, RVA311.

Animation: 00:10-00:36; 00:54-01:12

Production Duties: Director, Audio Design, Lead Animator, Animation Director, Editor